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Rental Assistance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Q: What is the CDBG Rental Assistance Program?

  1. The program provides assistance to eligible residents who are in danger of becoming homeless. The program pays up to three months’ rent or mortgage in order to prevent eviction or foreclosure.


2.  Q: How am I eligible to apply?

A: There are various eligibility criteria for this program. Applicants must:

  1. qualify as low income (at or below 80% of area median income)
  2. provide documentation of a hardship and show recovery from the hardshi Examples of hardship are: loss of job, decrease in hours at work, unexpected medical bill or car repair.
  • provide a copy of the current lease and delinquency a letter from landlord or mortgage financial institution.
  1. be an City of Waco resident for at least 6 months of the previous 12 months
  2. live within the city limits of Waco


3.  Q: How much assistance is available for my family?

A: Depending on funding availability, $800 per month for up to three months’ rent or mortgage not to exceed $2,400.


4.  Q: I am behind more than two months’ rent, can you still help?

A: The assistance must bring you current with your rental or mortgage payments. If you owe more than three months, you must pay the remainder of the delinquent amount prior to the assistance being granted.


5.  Q: Do I have to pay the money back?

A: No. The assistance is a grant and there are no recapture terms.


6.  Q: Do I need to have employment?

A: You must have some verifiable income such as: employment, social security benefits, documented cash assistance, child support, pension, veterans’ benefits, alimony, self- employment.


7.  Q: I have no income right now, but I am looking for a job. Can I still get help?

A: Not unless you can meet the financial requirements proving you can maintain the rental payments after assistance is provided. You must have future financial management. Examples of future financial management are: new job, second job, substantial increase in hours at work. If you do not have income, you do not qualify.


8.  Q: I can’t afford a rental unit on my own anymore, can I find a roommate to move in with me to share the expenses?

A: Yes, the roommate must meet all eligibility criteria. This could qualify as future financial management, depending on total income and expenses for the combined household. You must obtain approval from your landlord to add members to the household.


9.      Q: How long is the process?

A: It depends on the applicant. The process averages 1-2 weeks from the time of the intake appointment. Various factors determine process time.


10.  Q: Do you have preferences for families with children or the elderly?

A: No, we treat all families the same. There are no preferences for children or the elderly.


11.  Q: Can you pay for a room or hotel?

A: No, you must be leasing a complete rental unit and provide a copy of the signed lease and a letter from the landlord showing delinquency. If you are purchasing a home you must provide copy of deed or mortgage statement from financial institution.


12.  Q: Why can’t I live outside the city limits of Waco?

A: The City of Waco receives an allocation of federal CDBG funds. Therefore, we cannot cross jurisdictions.


13.  Q: How do I know if I live within the city limits of Waco?

A: Look up your address on the MCAD: 


14.  Q: Are the checks made payable to me or my landlord?

A: The landlord.