Waco Charter School

About The School

The Waco Charter School is based on the philosophy that all students can learn and become master students and that education lasts a lifetime. The goal of the Charter School is to provide a quality education for every student, to the extent that each student has the skills, knowledge, and values needed to become productive and contributing citizens. The comprehensive school plan includes all areas of academic curriculum, including basic life skills.

The EOAC Waco Charter School is operated in compliance with the Texas Education Agency guidelines for operations of a charter school.

According to TEA Standards, Waco Charter School is a Highly Qualified Campus.

Please join us for our Annual Thanksgiving Meal with your students during their assigned lunch period on Nov 15th. Please call the school for information on lunch times for your student. 

EARLY RELEASE FRIDAY , November 9th @ 1:00pm

 School begins at 7:45am and ends at 3:15pm.

Students will be counted tardy if they arrive at 7:45 or later. Please make sure your child is at school and ready to learn in their classroom by 7:40am.

NOTE: ALL Persons entering our school to see or pick up a child will be required to show a VALID I.D. or entry will be denied.