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ESSER Grant Fund 281

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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER III) Fund

This is the third law providing funding as a response to the pandemic, the ARP is also referred to as ARP ESSER III or ESSER III. Over the next three years, Waco Charter School plans to use $817,961 in funds to provide academic support to help close learning gaps that emerged during the pandemic, social-emotional support to meet mental health needs, and support for a culture of literacy.

Allocation Amounts

TEA has released two-thirds of the total allocation to Texas School Districts. The remaining one-third will be made available upon the USDE’s approval of the states spending plan.

Current Allocation (2/3): $545,307 
Remaining Allocation (1/3): $272,654
Waco Charter School Total Allocation: $817,961


The plans listed below were developed using input from the following stakeholders: teachers and staff, parents, board member input, volunteer input and students. This was done through surveys conducted in May of 2021 and June of 2021, as well as board meetings, meetings between administration and volunteer groups, and administration and parents.


Stakeholder Survey Results, November 2022 – ESSER GRANT REVIEW report

Stakeholder Survey Results-     Survey Results 06222021

Stakeholder Survey Results May 2022- Survey Results May 2022

Return-to-School-plan (Update May 2022)


spanish return to school



Waco Charter School Proposed Use of ESSER III


Waco Charter School Proposed Use of ESSER III- Spanish