Waco Charter School


Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER III) Fund

This is the third law providing funding as a response to the pandemic, the ARP is also referred to as ARP ESSER III or ESSER III. Over the next three years, Waco Charter School plans to use $817,961 in funds to provide academic support to help close learning gaps that emerged during the pandemic, social-emotional support to meet mental health needs, and support for a culture of literacy.

Allocation Amounts

TEA has released two-thirds of the total allocation to Texas School Districts. The remaining one-third will be made available upon the USDE’s approval of the states spending plan.

Current Allocation (2/3): $545,307 
Remaining Allocation (1/3): $272,654
Waco Charter School Total Allocation: $817,961

Return to School plan


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Waco Charter School Proposed Use of ESSER III