Waco Charter School

Parent Resources

Parent Resources

NOTE: ALL Persons entering our school to see or pick up a child will be required to show a VALID I.D. or entry will be denied. 

Anonymous Bullying Reporting 

Wellness Policy
504 Handbook
Special Education Policies
Waco Charter School Board Members
Guidelines for Students with Food Allergies
Immunizations Required
Immunizations Required PDF (English and Spanish)
Immunization Exemption Information
Response to Intervention Handbook
Student Code of Conduct 2021-2022
Student Handbook English 2021-2022
Teacher Handbook
Campus Improvement 2021-2022
Grading Guidelines 2021-2022
Reporting Bullying (Please click here and view page 12)

Family Engagement Plan

Head_Lice Protocols

Assessments & Testing

STAAR testing is conducted annually for grades 3, 4, 5. 

  • 3rd Grade – Math (4 hours) & Reading (4 hours)
  • 4th Grade – Math (4 hours), Reading (4 hours) & Writing (4 hours)
  • 5th Grade – Math (4 hours), Reading (4 hours) & Science (4 hours)

TELPAS (untimed test) is required for students that are classified as English learners. 

Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment is conducted to assess grade level mastery. State law, through Texas Education Code requires testing and assessments for students. As a public school, Waco Charter School students participate in these assessments. 

For more information on assessments and testing, please view the links below. 

State Assessment Information – Annually
CLI Engage (Testing for preschool students) 
Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment – Conducted Annually for kindergarten students

Principal: Carl Ritter
Contact information: 254-754-8169, carl.ritter@eoacwaco.org. 

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School Board Members

  1. Commissioner Ben Perry
  2. Judith Benton
  3. Dr. Cassy Burleson
  4. Dr. Howard Childs
  5. Susan Copeland
  6. Carolyn Cotton
  7. Charles Eaton
  8. Betsy Gilchrist
  9. Steve Hernandez
  10. Gary Luft
  11. Billie Myers
  12. Elizabeth Nelson
  13. Dytrun Thirkill
  14. Renee Turner
  15. Open Seat

Public Hearing – First Rating 2020