Waco Charter School

Superintendent Salary

Ms. Dorothy Marstaller serves as executive director of EOAC and Superintendent of Waco Charter School. Her annual compensation is $125,000.00. Because Ms. Marstaller oversees multiple programs in the EOAC Community Action Agency, in addition to Waco Charter School her salary is allocated among all programs, and only a portion of her annual salary is reported for Waco Charter School. Ms. Marstaller’s superintendancy is not contracted.

The Waco Charter School management team includes Ms. Marstaller, Principal Carl Ritter (carl.ritter@eoacwaco.org) and Assistant Principal Kelley Holdman  (kelley.holdman@eoacwaco.org) at Waco Charter School. The principal and assistant principal are charged to the appropriate fund codes as applicable to their responsibilities on a daily basis.