The safety of everyone who lives in our communities is paramount and our highest priority.  

Applications may be faxed, mailed in or emailed.  Please ensure you have all required documents when submitting application.  Incomplete applications will not be processed.  You must have a working telephone number for contact purposes.

Fax:  (254)753-1730       Email:         

Mail:  500 Franklin Avenue

            Waco, TX 76701

            Attention:  Weatherization Program

Please click link for application: Weatherization Application

If funds are available, we are able to assist with gas leaks and gas water heater repairs.  Please contact our office to determine if funds are available.  If you are requesting assistance with a gas leak or gas water heater repair, please complete the following form and return along with the application:  Gas Leak/Gas Water Heater Form

In addition to the application, you will provide:

  1. Income for the last 30 days from the date of the application for all members in the household 18 and over.  If there is no income, the Declaration of Income form must be completed and notarized stating there is no income.
  2. Copy of Electric and Gas bill.  If you use propane, we need the latest statement.
  3. Citizenship / Identity Documentation for all members in household 
    • Certified Birth Certificate and ID  (Please see Proof of Citizenship below)

If you rent, please have your landlord to complete landlord form and return with your application.  Renters must have this form in order to complete the application process.  The form is included in the application.

The application cannot be processed until we have all required documentation. 

Due to changes in State and Federal regulations, all CEAP, DOE WAP, and LIHEAP WAP programs must comply with SAVE. All applicants/clients must provide the following documents with your application:

(If you have questions about documents required, please contact our office)