Head Start /
Early Head Start

How to Apply

To qualify for the Head Start and Early Head Start programs, we consider:

Early Head Start: 6wks old up to 3 years of age
Head Start: 3 or 4 years old on or before September 1

Household income that falls within the current federal poverty guidelines.  Click the link below to view poverty guidelines:



Apply online through the Head Start Parent Portal on the EOAC website.

Please note:  Our program accepts applications year-round. However, we start over every year in March.  If your child did not get in the first year you applied, you have to do another application the following year beginning in March.  

Documents You Will Need to Complete an Application

1. Child’s birth certificate.

2. Child’s Medicaid card if on Medicaid or other health insurance card.

3. Proof of income for the child’s primary caregivers in the household, which includes ONE of the following:

   A)  SNAP printout will automatically qualify you for Head Start/Early Head Start services; OR

   B)  check stubs for the 12 months immediately preceding the month you are applying.  For example, if you are applying in April 2023, include the 12 check stubs for April 2022 through March 2023; OR

   C)  check stubs for the entire preceding calendar year.  For example, if you apply in April of 2023, you can use check stubs from Jan.-Dec. of 2022.); OR

   D)  Employer Verification Letter.  If you are recently unemployed and/or have started a new job, please submit the last pay stub from the previous job also; OR
   E)  ALL W-2 Forms from parents in the household; OR  1040 Tax Form;
  PLUS  F) Award letters such as Pell Grants or scholarships or the 1099 Form for Pell Grant; AND G) TANF;  AND H) SSI AND H) Social Security Income. 
  If you are self-employed, you may submit either your 1040 Tax Form or a business Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement, or a Self-Declaration Letter.
4) Letterhead of Foster or Kinship placement, if applicable
5) If your child has a disability or a client of ECI, we need copies of the documentation of the diagnosis from a professional so additional points can be added to your application for the selection process.